Parisian “Neighbors” Drawn by Vincent Mahé

Vincent Mahé drew these charming, yet slightly voyeuristic views of people seen through their windows for his series Neighbors. The drawings are done in black ink and gouache, and have a cartoon-like feel. The use flat areas of color in a limited, but mod-setting palette. In The Office, a lone janitor cleans one lit floor of an office building. A young couple with a baby is shown through the window in The Kitchen, while an older man carries grocery bags up the circular stairs outside. The Bedroom shows a nude woman, with her hair wrapped in a towel, from behind. The buildings and people shown are from Paris, France, where Mahé lives.

The Office - Drawing by Vincent Mahé

The Living Room - Drawing by Vincent Mahé

The Kitchen - Drawing by Vincent Mahé

The Bedroom - Drawing by Vincent Mahé

The Neighbors - Drawing by Vincent Mahé



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