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Monde Mosaic - Background Information

The internet has revolutionised how we shop, yet the art world still seems to be catching up. Buying art from traditional channels can be difficult, expensive and frankly intimidating. Many people are put off, thinking they need to “know” about art in order to enjoy it. It’s still quite an elitist pursuit, but why should it be?

Everyone’s an individual and the art on their walls should reflect this. They shouldn’t be restricted to what’s popular, by ‘established’ artists or what swanky art critics say is good.

Which is why an art revolution is underway. One that says that art needn’t be eye-wateringly expensive, exclusive or clichéd. That it should embrace emerging artists and be breathtakingly original, accessible and affordable.

Monde Mosaic is a platform for new art, from new artists the world over. Lovingly curated, it allows art lovers and art makers to find one another.


The Monde Mosaic Manifesto

1)    Everyone loves art, and everyone should be able to collect art.
2)    You don’t need an elite art-history education to ‘understand’ it – if you like something, it’s good. Full stop.
3)    New and emerging artists need a risk-free platform to connect with audiences, build their reputation and earn money.
4)    Art should be free-to-roam! Whilst great art looks wonderful on walls, it should also be on clothing and lifestyle products. Take your style with you.
5)    Love art, love the planet. All Monde Mosaic papers, frames, inks and clothes are ethically sourced and produced.

Supporting emerging artists

The world is full of quality, up and coming ‘bedroom artists’. They need a no-risk way to publicise their work. There are no listing fees or upfront costs on artists simply earn a commission on each sale.

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Art, everywhere

Great art shouldn’t just be confined to a wall, we think it should come in all sorts of formats and be something that can be enjoyed everywhere you go. Monde Mosaic’s burgeoning collection of artist-designed t-shirts, hoodies and iPhone cases are all about just that. In fact we want to bring great art and design to every conceivable object, everywhere – watch this space!

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How it works

Monde Mosaic works like this: Artists upload their digital files to the online gallery and choose which products to offer their work as, such as art prints, canvases and art gifts. Monde Mosaic handle all the rest, including production, shipping and customer service, making it simple and risk-free for artists to sell their work and grow their audience.

Each Monde Mosaic product is lovingly produced to order here in the UK, avoiding waste and allowing us to stock a diverse range of designs. And we use only premium quality materials – all our prints adhere to Fine Art Trade Guild standards for example.


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For high res artworks/product images please get in touch, we can only provide these for use in print publications. For images to be used online, please feel free to download the product images from the website.

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